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    Broken Hill business opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts

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    Use our Business Buyer's Checklist to assess opportunities [template]

    How to take the emotion out of recruiting [infographic]

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    How to use our Selling a Business Planning Sheet [template]

    [Video] Don't let over-reliance on key personnel erode business value

    Buying a business: is your advisor acting in your best interests?

    How to use the Buying a Business Planning Sheet [video]

    5 lessons from a client's business sale

    M&A 2017 activity and 2018 outlook [video]

    2018 Global economic outlook in-brief [video]

    Survey results plus tips for overcoming business challenges

    2018 Australian economic outlook in-brief [video]

    2018 Economic Outlook eBook

    Mining 2018 economic snapshot [infographic]

    Retail 2018 economic snapshot [infographic]

    Energy and waste services 2018 economic snapshot [infographic]

    Transport, postal and warehousing 2018 economic snapshot

    Healthcare and social assistance 2018 economic snapshot

    James and $60m goat abattoir featured on ABC Landline

    Accommodation and Food Services 2018 economic snapshot [infographic]

    Professional, Scientific and Technical Services 2018 economic snapshot [infographic]

    Manufacturing 2018 economic snapshot [infographic]

    Agriculture 2018 economic snapshot [infographic]

    Building and Construction 2018 economic snapshot [infographic]

    Australian Economic Outlook – forecasts for 2018

    Global Economic Outlook – key insights for 2018

    4 guiding principles when choosing a business structure [cheat sheet]

    How to write a shareholders' agreement [video]

    [VIDEO] How buyers and sellers can use the Business Transfer Checklist

    Should I share my financial accounts and tax returns when selling my business?

    3 key questions to ask when valuing a business [video]

    3 components of due diligence [infographic]

    Case study – What is the difference between share value and assets value when selling a business?

    4 tips for marketing a business for sale [video]

    3 tips for building a valuable customer base

    14 ways to control your cash flow [cheat sheet]

    How to manage a business ownership transfer

    8 due diligence tips for business buyers [cheat sheet]

    When is a good time to exit your business? [video]

    How to market your business for sale [infographic]

    15 strategies to reduce the risk of employee fraud

    Why is business valuation an art and a science? [video]

    What is the difference between a market appraisal and a valuation? [video]

    How to choose a business broker [infographic]

    6 strategies to make succession part of your business model [infographic]

    Our Dynamic Performance Checklist and the key 6 elements of managing staff

    Buying a Business Planning Sheet [template]

    Don't blow your redundancy payout on an overpriced business [blog]

    Potential buyers or tyre kickers? How to prequalify business buyers [blog]

    How to bring a new shareholder into a business [cheat sheet]

    The 3-Step Annual Business Plan Process [infographic]

    How to recognise employee fraud 'red flags'

    What is due diligence? [video]

    Download our Due Diligence Checklist [free template]

    Top 10 do's and don'ts of business selling – No.10

    How to maximise business value [video]

    FREE template: JPAbusiness Outsourcing Checklist

    7 tips for managing your virtual team [cheat sheet]

    10 steps to buying a business [infographic]

    Due diligence – how to uncover those skeletons before it's too late

    What is 'strategic' value in a business sale?

    What information must you share when selling a business? [cheat sheet]

    Time for an end-of-financial-year check-up? [template]

    Strategic planning – it doesn’t have to be so hard [blog]

    How does a business' online activity impact its value? [infographic]

    How to calculate Business Maintainable Earnings [infographic]

    How long should I allow to exit my business? [video]

    5 questions for business sellers to ask themselves

    What your balance sheet should look like [infographic]

    How do I create a succession plan? [Client case study]

    The inside-out principle – what is it and how can it help my business?

    Free Business Transfer Checklist for buyers and sellers

    After-tax effects of Small Business CGT Concessions [blog]

    How to maximise business value [infographic]

    What is employee fraud and who is most likely to commit it?

    Hiring staff – what to do before you interview [infographic]

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    Free download – Professional development plan [template]

    Client case study – A business buyer’s story

    How succession planning adds value when selling a business [checklist]

    How to choose a broker to sell your business [video]

    How to conduct a performance review [infographic]

    7 tips for a successful hire [cheat sheet]

    How to put a price on ‘strategic value’ when buying a business [blog]

    3 key questions when assessing business value [infographic]

    Do I need a business broker to sell my business? [video]

    Tips to sell your business from 2 recent business sales

    Why does my business need a Strategic or Annual Business Plan? [video]

    Free download: Annual Business Plan Template

    Should I do Legal due diligence when buying a business? [3 case studies]

    Capital gains tax issues to consider when selling a business

    Top 10 do's and don'ts of business selling – No.9

    Free download: Staff Training Plan [template]

    Staff training and professional development – why it's not about ticking boxes

    Thinking about buying a business? Use our free Business Owner’s Checklist

    Top 10 do's and don'ts of business selling – No.8

    How to improve staff productivity and business culture through IR compliance

    Download our Business Health Check [template]

    Buying a business? Use our free Due Diligence Checklist

    When should I have my business valued? [video]

    Top 10 do's and don'ts of business selling – No.7

    3 Business Health Check winners announced

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    3 tips for doing due diligence on a business purchase

    What happens after you sell a business? [cartoon]

    How to avoid real estate traps when buying or selling businesses [cartoon]

    How can a valuation add value to my business? [video]

    Top 10 do's and don'ts of business selling – No.1

    How to drive positive business culture [cartoon]

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    4 ways to take the emotion out of recruiting

    How to address legal and other business transfer issues

    How to be fair when transitioning to the kids [cartoon]

    What is my business worth? [cartoon]

    How to minimise CGT when selling a business

    How to choose the right business structure [infographic]

    Add value by separating 'you' from your business [cartoon]

    Business transfer issues: Customers, Suppliers and Stock [blog]

    Should my kids take over my business? [cartoon]

    10 pieces of info to share in a sale [cheat sheet]

    5 social media tips that will improve your marketing

    How to start a business [cartoon]

    How your online presence affects business value [blog]

    How to use our Business Transfer Checklist [Free template]

    What is a 'family business'? [cartoon]

    How much stock is too much? [infographic]

    The price of poor inventory management [case study]

    Business Transfer Issues: Employee and Financial

    ‘Art and science’ of valuation discussed in Japan [blog]

    Our Working Capital Checklist [free download]

    Key questions to ask when valuing a business [infographic]

    5 first steps to business ownership [infographic]

    US sales expert shares business trends and advice [blog]

    A guide to conducting legal due diligence on a business purchase [blog]

    3 elements of a successful business transaction [infographic]

    Family business on agenda in Japan [blog]

    4 tips for building a reliable and dependable team [cheat sheet]

    Why cash flow is critical to exit plans [blog]

    Workshop: The digital economy IS the economy [blog]

    Selling a business: top digital marketing trends [blog]

    Using valuation as a management tool [case study]

    JPAbusiness Business Owner’s Checklist [template]

    5 top tips for partnering with your banker [infographic]

    Top tips for managing inventory [blog]

    10 tips for establishing a successful brand [cheat sheet]

    How to assess business value [blog]

    How to drive business value in 3 key areas [infographic]

    How much to share when advertising a business online [blog]

    Why a business sale is like Olympic diving [blog]

    Marketing a business for sale tips [infographic]

    5 lessons from starting my own business [blog]

    How to influence a bank’s lending appetite [cheat sheet]

    Uber versus Lyft – Finding Your Point of Difference [blog]

    How to use the JPAbusiness Professional Development Plan [template]

    Am I the right type of person to own a business? [blog]

    Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Selling a Business [infographic]

    How to manage the 3 risks of a business purchase [blog]

    Download the JPAbusiness Staff Training Plan [free template]

    6 business lessons from my day in court [blog]

    10 Ways to Drive Strategic Value [checklist]

    6 reasons to invest in staff training and professional development [blog]

    Fools rush in – planning your business purchase [blog]

    How to bring a new shareholder into your business [blog]

    5 key business fundamentals [infographic]

    Self-managed super – is it for me? [blog]

    Download our free Business Health Check [template]

    Do you need a Business Broker or a Merger & Acquisition Advisor? [blog]

    The 5-step performance review [infographic]

    4 questions to consider when buying a franchise [blog]

    How to drive success with employee share plans [blog]

    7 golden rules for a successful hire [cheat sheet]

    How to Prepare a Professional Business Profile [checklist]

    3 things to do before you interview [infographic]

    How to find a buyer or equity partner for your business [blog]

    4 things to consider before selling your business

    5 tips to make your joint venture a success [blog]

    Do your employees have HEART? [Infographic]

    5 hiring principles to create a great staff culture [blog]

    How to make your workplace a home-away-from-home [blog]

    Our digital journey [blog]

    The best way to improve customer satisfaction [blog]

    What is goodwill and why pay for it? [blog]

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