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Business planning advice for the silly season

WRITTEN BYJames Price | JPAbusiness

Beach holiday

For Australian business owners, the Christmas-summer holiday period can be a time of frenzied activity or it can be dead quiet; it really depends on the industry you’re in.

Either way, planning your resourcing is key. Planning means you are well placed to make the most of the money-making opportunities – if there are any – or make the most of the opportunity for everyone in your team to enjoy a good break.

And, as is often the case in business, good communication will set you up for success in this area.

Ahead of time, talk to your customers, suppliers, internal and external team members, and get a feel for what they’re anticipating will be going on in their side of the business, over the Christmas-summer holiday period.

Bring that information together in a resourcing plan that gives you some structure and direction, while also being flexible enough to respond to changes in external conditions.

This Christmas, do some planning and give yourself the gift of less stress!

About James Price | JPAbusiness James Price has over 30 years’ experience in providing strategic, commercial and financial advice to Australian and international business clients. James’ blogs provide business advice for aspiring and current small to mid-sized business owners, operators and managers.