Why building sustainable business value is a marathon, not a sprint

Posted by James Price | JPAbusiness on 25-Nov-2020 02:00:00

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One of the lessons I’ve learnt over 35 years of running my own businesses – and also advising on and observing others – is that very little value is generated in a ‘fast foot race’.

Good things come from time, careful execution, trial and error, and patience.

I'm spending a few hours in the gym these days trying to tone and trim up a bit. As a tall guy who’s less than perfectly coordinated, there are some exercises that are a bit of a challenge – barbell squats for one. My form is not a picture of symmetry and grace.

I've enlisted the advice of a trainer and after shaking his head at my form, notwithstanding the positive effort, he gave me a few lead-up exercises to help – focusing on stretching and strengthening the key muscle enablers to the end squat result.

It got me thinking about the analogy above relating to running a business i.e. treating it like a fast foot race.

If you attempt to sprint – or do a squat – without laying the foundations that strengthen the ‘key muscle enablers’, there’s a good chance you won’t be successful.barbell squat

Running a business is similar. Like a runner working on their form and fitness, a business has internal aspects which you can influence e.g. your offer, your people, processes, culture, financial position etc. And it also has external aspects – clients, market and competitive dynamics, regulations and unforeseen events (COVID-19 for instance!) – where you may have little control.

I believe it’s a smart risk management strategy to run your business like a well-prepared athlete, and to consider the ‘race’ a marathon, not a sprint. Why so?

Well back to my squats. I did two sets this morning – the form was really awful! And then I did the stretches and exercises on the contributing muscle groups, loosened up and improved my range of motion. Then I undertook the third set of squats – they went pretty well! Not perfect by any means, but a lot better.

If I reflect on my first 20-plus years in my career and in business, I was the guy who didn't have much patience. I was internally driven and motivated to move heaven and earth to make a difference and achieve. I wore my drive and impatience as a badge of honour. Sound familiar?

I now know that trial and error, shoring up against risks and issues, using data and improving understanding, and having patience, are the ingredients for running a better ‘race’, both at the gym (I think) and also in business (I have no doubt).

It all about building sustainable value for the future.

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