Why I went to California, and why you should too*

Posted by James Price | JPAbusiness on 05-Dec-2018 02:00:00

*You don’t actually have to go to California, but I do recommend taking advantage of professional development opportunities whenever possible. 

A senior member of the team and I travelled to California recently to attend the Advanced Business Valuation and International Appraisers Conference. The conference was hosted by the American Society of Appraisers, an international organisation representing all appraisal disciplines, including business valuation.

It was a jam-packed three days of hearing from expert industry practitioners and thought-leaders on diverse topics, including:

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How to build a valuable customer base [cheat sheet]

Posted by James Price | JPAbusiness on 31-Jan-2018 02:00:00

When running a business, we all know it's important to have happy customers, but it's equally important to ensure we have 'valuable' customers.

Our new cheat sheet provides 4 steps to identifying and building a valuable customer base.

Step one is to determine the quality of your current customer base.

If you find quality is lacking in some areas – for example client diversity or payment times – follow the next steps to help you create a deliberate strategy for attracting valuable customers.

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James and $60m goat abattoir featured on ABC Landline

Posted by Scott Bell | JPAbusiness General Manager on 24-Nov-2017 13:06:40

JPAbusiness managing director James Price was featured on ABC’s Landline program on the weekend.

James is advising Capra Developments, the company building a $60 million small livestock abattoir at Bourke, in western NSW.

James has worked closely with Bourke Shire Council and the partners involved with Capra Developments and their connections – who have extensive meat industry, logistics, warehousing and export marketing experience – to bring the abattoir to fruition.

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