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Nutrition tips for busy working people



By guest contributor Claire Ward // Ward Nutrition

Eating nutritious food is not just good for your body; it is good for your brain function and mental health too.

At rest, the brain consumes 20% of the body’s energy on its own. On a busy workday, you can only imagine how much energy is required.

It is important to provide enough fuel for the brain to optimise function and this can be achieved by prioritising certain foods and habits. Eating regularly, every 2–3 hours, will ensure there is a steady flow of fuel for your brain.

salmon 2

Foods to optimise brain health

There are particular foods to look out for that promote healthy brain function:

  • Tuna and salmon, flax and chia seeds, kiwi fruit and walnuts all contain omega-3 fatty acids which promote the maintenance of learning and memory pathways in the brain.
  • Salmon, as well as chicken, eggs, avocado and spinach, contain B-vitamins which have proven positive effects on brain performance.

Foods to eat sparingly

There are also foods to be consumed more sparingly:

  • Pastries, cakes, chips, bacon and full-fat dairy products all contain saturated fat, which has been shown to exacerbate cognitive decline. Meals rich in saturated fat can cause you to feel sluggish.
  • Snack foods like lollies, chocolates or soft drinks are high in sugar and can give you a quick burst of energy, but this energy is short-lived. High sugar content is also associated with difficulty in concentration and attention. When looking for snack foods, choose those with low (less than 10%) or no sugar.

6 healthy eating tips for busy working people

  1. Eat at least three meals a day to avoid unhealthy cravings. Having breakfast is an important habit to embrace.
  2. Practise mindful eating to help you address poor eating habits and reduce over-eating.
  3. Preparation and being organised with your food is a key tool to guarantee consistency.
  4. Be aware of portion sizes at home and when eating out.
  5. Embrace healthy snacking to maintain your blood glucose levels throughout the day.
  6. Maintain your healthy habits when eating out socially and for work by making sound choices.

Download our 6 healthy eating tips for busy working people brochure for more detailed advice around these 6 tips.Trifold cover for blog

The brochure includes advice on:

  • quick and healthy breakfast options
  • mindful eating tips
  • food prep ideas
  • portion control advice
  • healthy snack selections.

Meals image for blogWe’ve also created an infographic of a typical workday’s worth of meals, as a simple guide.

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