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How to value a business [video]

WRITTEN BYJames Price | JPAbusiness


People are often critical of business valuation – and sometimes I’m one of them – because it’s a very theoretical process.

In fact, some cynically regard it as hocus-pocus: some science, some gut feel, coupled with a bit of rationale.

It’s true that business valuation is not an exact science, but good valuers base their valuations on empirical evidence and robust assessment, underpinned by regular engagement in the market.

They are able to demonstrate an understanding not just of the business, but also of the environment it operates in.

To this they add commercial judgement and knowledge of the trends, issues, transactions and dynamics of the market the business operates in.

In this new video I explain why we consider valuation both an art and a science, and share some of the business health factors that we consider when valuing a business.

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