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Generosity key to successful business leadership

WRITTEN BYJames Price | JPAbusiness

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I was chatting with a business owner who I really admire recently and she said something about training and leadership that actually gave me goosebumps.

The business owner is Rosy Sullivan from the Australian College of Professionals (ACOP) – a very successful registered training organisation based in Sydney, which Rosy and her husband John (both pictured above) started 20 years ago.

Rosy’s pearl of wisdom was that a good trainer has two key attributes:

  1. You’re knowledgeable about your topic area;
  2. You genuinely want everyone that is sitting in front of you (be it online or in person) to be better than you ever were.

“Some people say ‘oh I couldn’t be a trainer – I couldn’t share my secrets’,” Rosy told me.

“But if you can’t share absolutely everything you have about how to make those people better than you are, get out.”

This philosophy can be summed up in one word: generosity. And from my perspective, it applies just as much to business owners and managers as it does to trainers.

Part of our business leadership role is training, coaching and mentoring our team.

I wonder how many business leaders have the same drive and generosity to bestow information to their team in a way that is open and free?

Being generous makes good business sense

Rosy’s mum was also an educator and she taught her daughter that “you should always leave somewhere better than when you walked in”.

However it’s not just about altruism – it also makes good business sense.

Rosy and John’s students, for example, are largely real estate professionals.

“From a selfish business perspective, we need people to get out there and be successful,” Rosy said.

“If they’re not successful, they’re out of business next year and they don’t come back to us.”

It’s the same with sharing information and knowledge with your team. You can hold that knowledge close to your chest and convince yourself you’re the smartest person in the room, or you can share it generously with your team and watch them grow and learn, while also growing your business.

From our experience working with clients in a range of industries, creating an environment of knowledge sharing and learning within a business’s team culture can pay significant dividends in increased performance, continuous improvement and innovation within a business.

A chat with friends

Rosy and John’s business has been an advisory client of JPAbusiness over the years, and in turn we have also participated in professional development training and ongoing legislation compliance support with ACOP.

I was really delighted to speak with them for my Let’s Talk Business podcast. To hear our full conversation, including the amazing work they are doing with two life-changing charities, tune in via YouTube or your preferred podcast app.

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