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    How to sell a business online without sharing too much

    Posted by James Price | JPAbusiness on 04-Apr-2018 02:00:00

    You’ll often hear the internet gurus say ‘content is king’ and that in order to be successful in the online sphere you have to share lots of relevant content.

    For some traditional business sellers, online marketing feels like the equivalent of walking around naked in public – you’ve got to show everything!

    This presents a real conundrum for business sellers because, as many of our clients know, being in business can involve dealing with commercially sensitive information.

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    3 first steps for business sellers [infographic]

    Posted by James Price | JPAbusiness on 07-Mar-2018 02:00:00

    Selling a business is not a simple undertaking and we have created a number of free resources to help out:

    This week's infographic, however, is for those just setting out on the business sale journey:

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    5 tips for business sellers [infographic]

    Posted by James Price | JPAbusiness on 24-Jan-2018 02:00:00

    This infographic is based on lessons learned during a recent sale we facilitated for a client.

    During the sale process our client showed how listening to market feedback and being responsive and flexible can deliver an acceptable outcome.

    As we often say, selling is a dynamic process – it's not a 'set and forget' where you get your valuation, list the business for sale at that price, and away it goes.

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    [Video] How family business culture impacts value

    Posted by James Price | JPAbusiness on 24-Jan-2018 02:00:00

    Family businesses have a reputation for having strong, efficient business cultures.

    (And, as we all know, strong, sustainable business cultures contribute to strong, sustainable financial performance and, hence, business value.)

    While this reputation is well-deserved and generally true, the family business structure can also lend itself to developing a 'toxic' business culture.

    As James explains in this video, there can be a two 'classes' of individuals in a family business. 

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    M&A 2017 activity and 2018 outlook [video]

    Posted by James Price | JPAbusiness on 20-Dec-2017 03:20:00

    As part of our research for the 2018 Economic Outlook eBook and blogs, we looked at mergers and acquisitions activity, both in terms of our own experience in the small to mid-cap market, plus activity in the broader M&A market.

    In this video, James shares some of the highlights, including the factors that are contributing to a stronger business sale market.

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