3 key questions to ask when valuing a business [video]

Posted by James Price | JPAbusiness on 11-Oct-2017 05:19:00

Business valuation is not an exact science and nor is it a simple science.

However there are some factors you should always consider when assessing a business’ value.

The following video lists 3 key factors to consider when valuing a business and 3 questions you need to ask to uncover this important information.

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How to calculate Business Maintainable Earnings [infographic]

Posted by James Price | JPAbusiness on 07-Jun-2017 04:40:00

Business Maintainable Earnings (BME) reflect the ability of a business to generate earnings into the future.

BME is the one of the most important concepts the market will consider when assessing a business’ value.

The following infographic shows how to take account of abnormal fluctuations in your business’ performance (i.e. normalise) and calculate your business’ BME.

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How to manage the 3 risks of a business purchase [blog]

Posted by James Price | JPAbusiness on 04-Aug-2016 04:30:00


There is no reward without risk...

Risk and return are two sides of the same coin and most people looking to purchase a business, if it’s not simply to replace full-time employment, should be targeting a return of between 20% and 50% on their investment over time, depending on the business and other factors.In our experience, the risks associated with business purchases fall into three categories:

  1. People
  2. Customers, Suppliers and Market Dynamics
  3. The Value Exchange
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