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Scott Bell is a project and business management specialist with a background in mining, building and construction. As JPAbusiness’ general manager, Scott is responsible for day-to-day management as well as providing clients with strategic advice. He brings a wealth of hands-on business experience to JPAbusiness blogs.
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James and $60m goat abattoir featured on ABC Landline

Posted by Scott Bell | JPAbusiness General Manager on 24-Nov-2017 13:06:40

JPAbusiness managing director James Price was featured on ABC’s Landline program on the weekend.

James is advising Capra Developments, the company building a $60 million small livestock abattoir at Bourke, in western NSW.

James has worked closely with Bourke Shire Council and the partners involved with Capra Developments and their connections – who have extensive meat industry, logistics, warehousing and export marketing experience – to bring the abattoir to fruition.

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