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James Price has over 30 years’ experience in providing strategic, commercial and financial advice to Australian and international business clients. James’ blogs provide business advice for aspiring and current small to mid-sized business owners, operators and managers.
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How to choose the right business structure [eBook update]

Posted by James Price | JPAbusiness on 14-Aug-2019 02:00:00

A few years ago we were fortunate to have business consultant and management accountant Richard Cummins share his expertise in our free eBook, How to choose the right structure for your business.

Richard has kindly updated the eBook to reflect changes in tax policy in recent years – simply follow the links to download the updated version.

The eBook examines five topics:

  1. How to determine if your current business structure is the right one
  2. Tax and asset protection implications of different business structures
  3. Compliance, risk and governance implications of different business structures
  4. Future diversification and wealth development
  5. Succession and retirement.
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How long does it take to buy a business? (Video)

Posted by James Price | JPAbusiness on 14-Aug-2019 02:00:00

We have helped some clients find the right business within six months while, for other clients, it has taken over three years.

The key phrase is ‘the right business’; I’m sure we could speed up the process if our aim was just to help our clients buy ‘a’ business, but that’s not our job.

In this video I explain why it's important not to rush into buying a business, and share four tips for managing risk during the business buying process.

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Share value v Assets value when selling – what's the difference?

Posted by James Price | JPAbusiness on 07-Aug-2019 02:00:00

If you are a business owner and someone offers to buy your business, their offer price can often look quite good on the surface.

However, it is the basis on which that price is offered that determines whether the price represents true value for the business or not.

An offer price will usually be based on one of two concepts, which I call:

  1. Going concern business value (goodwill and related business assets value)
  2. Equity value (share value).
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When should I tell my staff I'm selling? (Video)

Posted by James Price | JPAbusiness on 07-Aug-2019 02:00:00

Our guiding principle is that open and transparent communication with your staff is always a positive thing.

However, this is complicated by the fact selling a business is a sensitive issue and disclosing the fact it’s for sale can be detrimental to a business’ operations.

A pending sale can unsettle your team and, if it gets out in the market, it can cause difficulty with clients or suppliers.

In this video I share some strategies for sharing business sale plans with key staff:

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How long does it take to sell a business? (Video)

Posted by James Price | JPAbusiness on 31-Jul-2019 02:00:00

The time it takes to sell a business is heavily influenced by how prepared you and your business are for an open market, or trade, sale.

In this video I'm sharing 3 basic things you should have done before embarking on a sales process:

  1. Gathered and prepared some of the key information about your business that a purchaser will want to examine
  2. Sought independent advice on the market value of your business
  3. Sought professional advice on the potential tax and other implications of selling. 
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3 pieces of financial info to share when selling a business [infographic]

Posted by James Price | JPAbusiness on 31-Jul-2019 02:00:00

We are often engaged by business buyers to assist them in undertaking due diligence on target businesses.

In the early stages of that process I often come across vendors who have an accountant, business broker or other advisor who is very coy about sharing what I would call basic financial information on the business.

If you are seeking a purchaser’s genuine offer on your business – whether non-binding or binding – at a minimum, you should be prepared to share the following:

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6 tips to motivate yourself in business [infographic]

Posted by James Price | JPAbusiness on 24-Jul-2019 02:00:00

Motivation in business is about having a certain drive, determination, focus and consistency in the way you go about your business. You also need to feel successful – I don't know anyone who finds repeated failure motivating!

The following infographic features 6 tips to help business owners and managers maximise their motivation.

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Topics: infographic, business advice, staff recruitment, motivation, Parramatta, Orange NSW

3 questions to ask when valuing a business [infographic]

Posted by James Price | JPAbusiness on 17-Jul-2019 02:00:00

Business valuation is not an exact science and nor is it a simple science. However there are some factors that should always be considered when assessing a business’ value.

They are:

  • repeatability of current earnings
  • availability of information on the business’ performance and business model
  • point of difference and competitive advantage.

We've created the following infographic to help you get started on assessing the value of a potential purchase opportunity.

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Do I need a business advisor? [Client case studies]

Posted by James Price | JPAbusiness on 17-Jul-2019 02:00:00

Whether or not you choose to engage the services of a business advisor is really up to you and your preferred mode of operating your business.

Obviously I believe there is value in seeking independent business advice; I think we’re all better decision makers if we’re able to test our propositions with someone who isn’t directly related to the issue at hand, but has relevant expertise.

In the blog I’m using examples from our own clients to show how independent advice is adding value in their businesses.

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Disclaimer: The information contained in this blog is general in nature and should not be taken as personal, professional advice. Readers should make their own inquiries and obtain independent, professional advice before making any decisions, taking any action or relying on any information in this blog. 





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