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What to include in a Business Profile when selling [checklist]

WRITTEN BYJames Price | JPAbusiness


Prospective business buyers value professional, credible, robust information on a business sale opportunity.

Selling a business is about trying to get someone to share the same, or better, perspective on your business that you have.

Get this information provision right and interested parties can successfully understand and evaluate what you know and value about the business, and then put a fair price on it relative to this type of asset in the marketplace.

Present them with poor quality information and it will reflect sourly on your business.

Poor quality information makes a buyer think:

  • the business is being run unprofessionally; and/or
  • you’re hiding something; and/or
  • this process is going to be very costly for them as a purchaser because it will be like pulling teeth to get the right information.

We have created a simple checklist to help you document the most important pieces of information when preparing to sell your business:


You can also visit our online Resource Library to access other free resources designed to help with the selling process:

  • Template – Vendor Due Diligence Checklist
  • Template – Selling a Business Planning Sheet
  • Template – Selling a Business Checklist
  • eBook – Selling a business: What works, what doesn't and how to avoid the common pitfalls
  • eBook – How NOT to sell a business

If you would like support or advice about any aspect of selling a business, contact the team at JPAbusiness on 02 6360 0360 or 02 9893 1803 for a confidential, obligation-free discussion.


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