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How to take the emotion out of recruiting [infographic]

WRITTEN BYJames Price | JPAbusiness


We all bring our own biases and prejudices to the task of hiring new staff and it's important to be aware of them.

It's equally important to minimise the impact of these personal biases when making important decisions that will impact the future of your business.

With this in mind we're sharing an infographic which has been designed to help take some of the emotion out of the hiring process.

4 ways to take the emotion out of recruiting.png

Don't be blinded to weaknesses, or strengths

It’s not uncommon for people to present really well in a job interview, be offered the position and then later be found ‘wanting’ when it comes to fulfilling the particular role they’ve been recruited for.

Similarly, there are many people who don't present well in interviews and subsequently miss out on jobs, who actually have a lot of substance in practice and would be valuable team members.

So how do we take the emotion out of the recruitment process and minimise the impact of our own biases and prejudices when dealing with these different personality types?

How does it work?

The more lenses you can look at a new hire through – internal stakeholders, your own intuitions, psychological assessment, the eyes of a trusted external advisor – the better your chances of making an informed and objective decision.

Using the suggestions contained in our infographic essentially gives you those additional 'lenses'.

And there is one golden rule: be a patient hirer!

No matter how keen you might be to fill the role – and how ‘right’ the preferred candidate might appear – patience, due diligence and due process usually helps to ensure your final decision is well founded.


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