Why you need a valuation before starting the business sale process

Posted by James Price | JPAbusiness on 04-Dec-2019 02:00:00

Woman's hands as she is writing in a notebookWhen selling a business, it’s important to think carefullybefore taking it to market – about your reasons and objectives for selling.

Once you’ve established your objective, write it down and/or discuss it explicitly with your business partner, spouse and/or advisor.

You then need to obtain a professional valuation to determine whether a sale could meet that objective.

For example, sometimes we see business owners wanting a certain amount for their business and that amount is not necessarily determined by what the market would likely pay for the business, but rather it’s determined by the amount of outstanding loans the business owner has with the bank.

It’s a legitimate objective to sell your business in order to consolidate your financial position and pay off loans, however if the 'value' of the business is simply driven by your amount of outstanding loans, in many cases you may well be disappointed in the business sale process.

If you don’t get a valuation you could find yourself investing significant time, effort and money in a sale process that doesn’t actually have a chance of meeting your needs.

Resources for sellers

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