10 Ways to Drive Strategic Value [checklist]

Posted by JPAbusiness on 26-Jul-2016 07:00:00

strategic value

The JPAbusiness Strategic Value Checklist has been created to help you drive positive strategic value in your business.

It’s important that you consider these characteristics during your active period in developing and driving your business, rather than leaving it until five minutes to midnight just before you plan sell or exit.

This is because while strategic value drivers are not always quantifiable (as we discussed in our free eBook Strategic Value in a Business Sale) they’re not fairy dust either. They can’t be created with a magic wand overnight!

Strategic value drivers result from real actions you can take to enhance year-by-year earnings in your business, and also potentially assist you to capture extra value on exit of your business.

Click on the image below to download our free Strategic Value Checklist.

Strategic Value Checklist | JPAbusiness

If you are contemplating an exit or succession event within your business over the next five or so years and you would like some professiona advice on potential strategic value drivers, contact the JPAbusiness team for a free, no-obligation consultation.


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