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4 things to consider before selling your business

WRITTEN BYJames Price | JPAbusiness

selling a business

As business brokers and advisors working for both potential purchasers and vendors, we see the best and worst of how business owners go about exiting their businesses.

Below are 4 questions to consider before selling:

1: What is your objective in selling?

  • Do you want to sell because you’ve had the business for five years and the results have been poor?
  • Do you want to sell because you’re over-exposed to borrowings, your cash flow is tight and you can’t see a way to get ahead?
  • Do you want to sell because it’s time to retire or move on to the next stage of your career?

Be honest with yourself – your reasons for selling will help you create a negotiation framework to determine what an acceptable offer might be.

2: What is your business worth?

Seek a professional, independent valuation of what your business is worth.

Getting a valuation as to the likely fair market value of your business is critical to making decisions against your objectives in selling.

3: What help do you need to sell it?

If you decide to use a professional business broker or advisor, you will need to first evaluate their abilities.

A broker needs to have:

  1. Experience
  2. Project management skills
  3. Communication skills.

To determine whether your potential broker has these attributes, ask for the following evidence:

  • Examples of businesses like yours they have sold
  • The shapes of the deals they’ve done with these businesses
  • An indication of the process they intend to implement to sell your business
  • The level of communication and reporting – verbal, written, formal and informal – that will be provided as part of the sale process to keep you abreast of progress
  • Referees you can speak to i.e. business owners they have worked with to sell their businesses.

4. Do you have key information ready for purchasers?

Make sure you have a professional, credible information memorandum (IM) on your business sale opportunity, ready to provide potential purchasers.

When preparing an IM, put yourself in the shoes of a potential purchaser. What would you want to know before making a decision about such an important purchase? 

Contact the team at JPAbusiness on 02 6360 0360 or 02 9893 1803 for advice and support on any aspect of selling a business.

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