How to access business finance during the pandemic

Posted by James Price | JPAbusiness on 02-Dec-2020 02:00:00

Interest rates are at record lows in Australia right now and, to address the various impacts of COVID-19, the Commonwealth Government has introduced a number of programs to kick-start and boost the economy, including the Coronavirus SME Guarantee Scheme.

Some might argue there’s never been a better time to borrow money to invest and grow your business!

Launched in March, the SME Guarantee Scheme was designed to help otherwise viable SMEs weather the devastating impact of COVID-19 and rebuild for the future.

Phase I ran until September 30 and was not broadly taken up – less than $2 billion of the $40 billion allocated was approved for payment.

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Why building sustainable business value is a marathon, not a sprint

Posted by James Price | JPAbusiness on 25-Nov-2020 02:00:00

One of the lessons I’ve learnt over 35 years of running my own businesses – and also advising on and observing others – is that very little value is generated in a ‘fast foot race’.

Good things come from time, careful execution, trial and error, and patience.

I'm spending a few hours in the gym these days trying to tone and trim up a bit. As a tall guy who’s less than perfectly coordinated, there are some exercises that are a bit of a challenge – barbell squats for one. My form is not a picture of symmetry and grace.

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Capital gains tax when transferring a business to a family member

Posted by James Price | JPAbusiness on 18-Nov-2020 02:00:00

The key CGT issue when transferring assets in a non-arm’s length transaction (i.e. the sale price may not be at fair market value) is the market value substitution rules.

These rules basically mean when you’re selling assets and the transfer is deemed to involve parties not acting on an arm’s length basis, then the CGT rules impose what would be a fair market value on the transaction.

[This information comes from our eBook: Capital Gains Tax 2.0 – Issues to consider when selling your business.]

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Tips for managing outsourcing partners and virtual teams (cheat sheet)

Posted by James Price | JPAbusiness on 11-Nov-2020 02:00:00

This blog has been republished in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has forced many businesses to adopt a 'virtual team' approach to their workforce.

At JPAbusiness, we use our virtual team for roles such as marketing, legal and IT.

Of course, 'virtual teams’, ‘virtual resourcing’ and ‘contingent workforce’ are simply other ways of saying outsourcing. They’re modern terms, but their development is based on a very old business adage: do what you do well and rely on others for the rest.

Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are increasingly outsourcing to drive efficiencies, but managing virtual teams also presents some challenges. In the following cheat sheet we've provided 7 tips for managing outsourcing partnerships and virtual teams. 

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Do I have to pay GST to buy or sell a business?

Posted by James Price | JPAbusiness on 04-Nov-2020 02:00:00

When working with clients who are either buying or selling businesses, we’re often asked: ‘Will I have to pay GST?’

The short answer, according to the Australian Tax Office (ATO), is:

No GST is payable on the sale of a going concern if certain conditions are met. (A ‘going concern’ is a business that is operating and making a profit.) However, as the seller, you may be able to claim input tax credits for GST you paid on expenses relating to the sale.

Of course, it’s never as simple as one paragraph when it comes to tax, so we’ve asked our business analyst Shirley Jin, who is also a CPA, to clarify those ‘certain conditions’ mentioned, and when you can and can’t claim input tax credits for GST paid on sale expenses.

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How to use the Business Health Check [video]

Posted by James Price | JPAbusiness on 28-Oct-2020 02:00:00

The JPAbusiness Business Health Check template asks you to rate your business’ performance against 15 health factors, with an explanation of key considerations for each. It also provides some suggestions for how you may improve the health of your business, based on your score.

JPAbusiness has been conducting Business Health Checks for clients for over 18 years. In this video James explains how the Business Health Check serves as a diagnostic tool for uncovering a business' weaknesses, while also identifying its strengths.

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How to talk with family about succession and estate planning

Posted by James Price | JPAbusiness on 21-Oct-2020 02:00:00

When it comes to succession and estate planning, it’s never too early to start thinking – and talking – about it.

However, some business owners prefer not to confront their own mortality and just continue on running their business while avoiding thinking about, or planning for, the inevitable i.e. their ‘exit’. This creates the perfect environment for conflict among those left behind.

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How to bring in a new shareholder [blog]

Posted by James Price | JPAbusiness on 14-Oct-2020 02:00:00

There are two golden rules when bringing an additional partner or shareholder into an existing business.

Golden rule 1: Understand what value the partner or shareholder is bringing to the business. Is it specialist expertise, an entry point into a new business line, strategic opportunities, funding… or all of these?

Golden rule 2: Understand the motivations and intentions of the new partner or shareholder – now and moving forward. It may help to seek some advisory or facilitation services to tease out and clarify these motivations.

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How to improve your cash flow with suppliers [video]

Posted by James Price | JPAbusiness on 07-Oct-2020 02:00:00

Cash flow is the lifeblood of a business and careful cash flow management has never been more important than it is today.

From a day-to-day point of view, the more cash surplus in your business, the more value in your pocket. Having surplus cash that can be used as working capital also gives your business more options to grow, invest and change.

Taking the longer-term perspective, ability to generate cash is a critical component when it comes to determining the value of the business should you wish to exit. 

In this video I'm focusing on how you can improve your cash flow through your dealings with suppliers.

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8 due diligence tips for business buyers [infographic]

Posted by James Price | JPAbusiness on 30-Sep-2020 02:00:00

Due diligence is ‘the process of acquiring objective and reliable information on a … company as required, especially before a commercial acquisition’ [Macquarie Dictionary].

The over-riding purpose of due diligence is to ensure there are no nasty surprises after you buy a business.

We’ve created the following infographic to share some of our top tips for people embarking on the due diligence process.

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Disclaimer: The information contained in this blog is general in nature and should not be taken as personal, professional advice. Readers should make their own inquiries and obtain independent, professional advice before making any decisions, taking any action or relying on any information in this blog. 





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